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Naka's FanPatch Oranos DM guide

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Posted 18 October 2013 - 03:04 PM

Deathmatch in the eyes of the aggressor

When playing Oranos, you choose to play one of the more fragile gods, however there is compensation for that : Oranos is perhaps the strongest early game god in DM.

What exactly does this aggression mean? 

 Deathmatch is  a game centered around town centers, more so than supremacy. Confrontations are considerably more direct, there is no room to avoid fighting your enemy in a gametype as quick as DM. Town centers are your source for population, and indirectly economy (you can afford more civilians, because your army size allows for it when your cap is higher). Preventing a town center will not only keep your enemy’s army size lower, it will also have a severe impact on their economy, which will be hard to climb out of. This is what atlanteans excel at.
This guide will be about how you can expose the aggressive and semi-aggressive advantages of Oranos . He is a relatively simple god to play, but needs quite some time to get familiar with, and might even demand you to see the game completely differently than what you were used to on 1.03

Main differences between the FP and 1.03 :

•  fire siphon range and population cost – you have more effective means of tearing down buildings

• town center hitpoints – you don’t lose your TCs quite as quick, hence you are safer

• more efficient farming – you need less citizens

• heart of the titans is a global technology, rendering Prometheus virtually useless
Now to the point though, what do you, as Oranos need to do against each civ?

General, most common build order :

 5 citizens on temple, one on manors. Pick one of the citizens off to start building the second town center(wall if you go vs atlanteans). Send the oracle scouts out to the enemy third town center (or scout the side, depending on match-up)
Once the temple is about 60% complete, pick off 3 villagers, and move them to the third town center, where they’ll build in a moment. Temple complete - > advance through Oceanus (Prometheus gives no bonus, while the Oceanus techs make your murmillos and katapeltes better).
Train extra oracles, and heroize them all. Harrass vills/ulfs with them. Heroize your citizens as well. We do that now, because the heart of the titans upgrade applied now, so the conversion is cheaper. The hero citizens build 10% faster, and are very tough to kill. The 3 forward citizens should make a military barracks each. One of the manor builders should make an armory. Put the armory and the future market close to the second TC, so you can help fortify it as soon as possible.
When your barracks are complete you’re going to either spam murmillos to the enemy third TC, or group up contarius depending on your strategy.
Go heroic with either god, it really depends more on your style than the matchup. Theia will favor contarius hero raids, while Hyperion is more an all rounder, keeping your heroes alive longer.
Make an extra barracks, start making forts at the forward TC.
When your market is complete, go mythic through either god… again depending on your strategy.
If you want to counter the heavy myth units of your enemy , go Hekate for the awesome lampades. Tartarian gate is a direct counter to underworld , if used well.
If you want to throw your enemy off by switching fronts with your entire army, and do some high damage hit-and-run attacks, Helios is your choice.  
He isn’t only giving you the Heka gigantes, one of the most powerful myth units, he also upgrades your siphons, turning them into the most powerful siege unit in the game. The three vortexes, if timed right, can eliminate an enemy corner, and then something important on the other side of the map, like a town center.

How to proceed against greek/norse/atty :

Murmillo flooding - Hyperion or skipped contarius raid strategy :

Your main objective is to pressure your enemy’s town centers. With a near-full pop murmillo army, you’ll easily outnumber the enemy forces. This strategy effectively prevents any noticeable aggression against you in the early game.
In case of a norse enemy however, your goal is to scout the sides with a murmillo spreading.
The norse will try to establish multiple side builds, which you want to basically shut down before they become dangerous.
Once this goal is achieved, you can start a building push. Fort, tower barrack, temple. Repeat. Closer and closer to the enemy, and the battlefront.
Optimal unit composition : murlillo+fanatic+arcus+myth unit of choice +siphons
This may vary based on your opponent’s composition. Contarius may be used when going Theia in direct confrontations too, they are excellent at dealing with enemy siege.
This is pretty much what the early game is about as Oranos.
So again : build up quickly, harass your opponent, build in his face, and push him off.

Contarius raiding :

Your objective is again town center harassment, except this time we’re going to use the fastest cavalry in the game for it – the contarius hero.
For this strategy you need to go Theia, because she doesn’t only improve the contarius stats, she also gives them a huge bonus against buildings (2X).
Avoid training myth units at the start, so that you have enough favor to convert about 15-20 contarius. Control group them, and start scouting the map. I personally like to do this against Egyptians and back TC maps against greeks. I don’t advise to try this against norse.
Prevent every TC being built, attack fortresses, wrack havoc on the map. Try to lose as few contarius as possible. Combining this with the oracle hero rush is very effective (assuming you delay anything with those).
In an atlantean war you might want to try to kill as many citizens as you can with the contarius group.
The contarius hero raids give you a very good opportunity to establish strong map control, and prepare a late game, where you’ll be able to vortex and sky passage front switch effectively.

Midgame transition :

You should start training cizitens from all TCs (I personally do that as soon as they are up), and start a trade too, no matter how close the market is. The map control element will most probably be yours. later, so you’ll have caravans ready for when you capture the corner.

Set up a sky passage network : you probably have a palace in your main base, you can loop siphons there, and direct them to the sky passage, as well as Heka gigantes from your temple. If you went Hekate, then go for destroyer + siphons.

You can also train these units at the actual battle (often a better solution), and build a sky passage behind your army, where they will retreat.
An important part of your sky passage network will be side builds. You can establish those with the citizens you captured your corner with. An Oranos side build relies on 2-3 barracks, at least 1 palace, and maybe a few towers in case you went Helios (you have more that way).

Whenever your unit composition switches into a siege heavy mix (you can do that by shutting down AQ on most human units), it’s time to retreat into a sky passage, and pop out somewhere unexpected. Assaults on town centers, taking out enemy side builds, responding to enemy front switches is made very easy with sky passages, use them to your advantage. If you don’t use them, you might as well go Kronos instead.

If you went Helios, you need to decide whether you want to use up your vortexes, or transition into an early sky passage network. In my opinion either can be used , so if you mix it up, you will have a psychological advantage. Front switches are a very confusing thing to counter, and you can pop out literally anywhere on the map. If you want to make your enemy’s game a mess, then Oranos is clearly your choice, especially with Helios.

Late game Transition :

Oranos players tend to use up their GPs in midgame.  In the late game, you are going to rely mostly on sky passages, with heavy destroyer + siphon + tower pushes against enemy town centers.
There is not much more to say about Oranos late game, you may want to use extensive walling, because atlantean walls are the strongest in the game.  


Against Egyptians :

Anti mercenary rush build order :

You’ll have to go with this variation when playing against Isis/Ra
The only difference is, that you don’t start a town center in archaic, and that you build the barracks closeby.
Make 4 barracks in classic at your forward tower, so that they touch each other, and form a C shape of sorts.

Screenshot :


Now train extra oracles and heroize them to fend off the rush. Heroize citizens too.
Either spam murmillos, or group contarius, depending on your strategy.
Make a palace next to your second TC, and make one palace with each of your barrack builder cizitens either forward (on back/side tc maps) or at your third TC ( forward tc maps).
Against eggy I always suggest going Helios, because they are prone to front switches.
After reaching mythic, you might want to start setting up a sky passage network. You only have 5 of these in FP, so choose their location carefully.

Differences in Atty play against Egyptians :

• Turma. If microed well, they can make short work of chariot heavy armies. Use them in small groups at most.

• Instant siege heavy compositions. You want to assault town centers and migdols and the corners immediately.

• Super early sky passage variation : If you so choose, an early sky passage front switch can be disastrous. Target the enemy corner, or a town center.

• Always Helios. Hekate isn’t aggressive enough against Egyptians, and they’d probably outmass you if you can’t keep and advantage up( hard to strike with Hekate)

• Contarius raid targets the first migdol and pharaohs instead  prior to unbuilt settlements. While running around, target buildings (temple) and run away before your units get hit. Camelry are a dangerous counter, so be vary of them .

• Shockwave on initial enemy villagers if possible. Kill as many as you can, even suiciding units is worth it.

• On back TC, early side builds are very efficient.
If you follow these points, your anti-egyptian will be very strong and annoying. Oranos is a simple god, you just need to get the feel for it.

General Oranos tricks/moves to keep in mind :

• Against norse, my godpath recommendation is Oceanus/Hyperion/Helios
In the early game you start with murmillo spam, which stops side builds if you scout well. You can also use the murmillos to stop settlements. Heroize hurt murmillos, and pull them out so they can regenerate.  

• Against Loki’s early FG spam, you can respond with early mass heroes.

• Tyr is not viable against Oranos, if they attempt wolf raids anyway, keep a few heroes in a sky passage. Hero citizens can’t be hurt much by wolves, and the map should be walled by at least one layer so your trade is safe

• Against Zeus especially, on an open map you can either go Hekate to counter the UW and the colossi, but you can also choose to fight fire with fire – Very aggressive Helios siege heavy play will tackle any greek until late game.

• The counter to roc drops is either casting the Chaos god power on the roc only – this will transfer the roc to mother nature, and everything inside it stays inside. OP!
The other counter is chasing the roc with turma heroes. They are super fast, and can easily catch up.

• Your citizens and especially hero citizens do insane damage against siege. Sometimes I even sacrifice a regenerating hero citizen for a catapult or multiple ballista – same with anything else

• Siphons focus firing against siege units is very effective.

• Against Egyptians, make fake attacks with 1-2 siphons against town centers to make them train mercenaries – sometimes you don’t even need to lose the siphon because you can retreat back into a sky passage. This can be done with huge forces too, it can get very annoying.

• Suggest more, I’ll think of more too.

Hope you enjoyed it, have fun playing Oranos in DM! If you got any questions, go ahead and ask at any time.

Edited by Nakamura, 18 October 2013 - 03:04 PM.

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